De Lorenzo Tricho Scalp Balance Toner 125ml

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De Lorenzo Tricho Scalp Balance Toner gives your scalp better circulation to improve oily scalp and scaliness. This potent and rich formula relieves itching, redness, dandruff, scaling, and flaking.

This simple three-step treatment regimen from De Lorenzo has been specifically formulated to target the symptoms of dry scalp, leaving your hair feeling beautifully refreshed and ready for the world! Contains vitamins and herbs to sooth and pamper and menthol to cool and refresh.

  • Acts as a stimulant, promoting circulation to the scalp.
  • Contains multi-vitamin herbal complex for the care of scaly scalps.
  • Ideal for dry hair that suffers from scalp concerns.


  • Use after De Lorenzo Scalp Balance Cleanser.
  • Massage into wet hair and scalp.
  • Apply directly to the scalp area, massaging gently for two to five minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly.