De Lorenzo Tricho Scalp Balance Conditioner 200ml

De Lorenzo Tricho Scalp Balance Conditioner is nourishes your hair gently while soothing your sensitive scalp, and controlling itch, scaling, redness and dandruff.

De Lorenzo Scalp Balance Conditioner is rich with nature’s finest ingredients to sooth and calm your scalp, including extracts of chamomile recutita flower, mistle toe, Melissa oficnalis and fennel fruit, all of which are native to the Outback.

De Lorenzo Tricho Scalp Balance System is a three-step system regimen that is specifically created to alleviate the symptoms of itching, psoriasis, redness, scaling, and dandruff to combat dry scalp. This targeted formula contains multiple vitamins and herbs to nourish and menthol to cool and refresh, leaving your hair and scalp feeling fresh, healthy and beautiful.

  • Contains organic plant extracts to soothe and protect.
  • Gently nourishes dry hair, while soothing your sensitive scalp.
  • Ideal for dry hair that suffers from scalp concerns.


  • Use after Scalp Balance Cleanser.
  • Massage into wet hair and scalp.
  • Comb through and leave for two to three minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly.

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