The Tennis Coach - Smile Maker

Did know what we call the G-spot is actually a zone on the vagina's front wall where is comes in contact with the internal structure of the clitoris? This internal vibrator features a rounded head to provide a powerful massage to the area. Discover the pleasure of G-spot stimulation and orgasm. 

Best G-spot for women. The Tennis Coach is a silent internal vibrator made of a cryogenically polished silicone for a very smooth feel on the skin. its shape has been carefully crafted using research on female pleasure anatomy, and is optimal for who wants to try a G-spot vibrator . Fully waterproof, you can use it in the shower or in the bathtub, and it is easily cleaned. 

From G-spot Stimulation to blended orgasm. Since the G-spot in women is an area where both vagina and clitoris get stimulated, using a vibrator to massage, can lead it to powerful orgasms. The Tennis Coach features a rounded head to deliver spot-on stimulation massage. You can play with it's 4 speeds and 2 pulsation modes to build up pleasure, and experience a new kind of orgasm. 

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