The Frenchman - Smile Maker

Did you know the clitoris embeds 8,000 nerve endings, making it super sensitive? This delicate oral sex toy mimics the gentle touch you get from a tongue on your pleasure spots. Ideally combine it with a lubricant for an even more realistic experience. 

The most delicate of oral sex toys. The most flexible of all our sensual toys and made of the softest silicon it bends and flexes to mimic the effect of a tongue. For those of you who enjoy the delights of a French Kiss down there, this delicate oral sex vibrator is truly one of a kind. 

A soft evolved vibrator. For solo sessions or couple fun, you can play with this tongue vibrator to explore erogenous zones. Vulva, neck, breast, back, inner thighs, belly.... like a treasure hunt, discover unsuspected ways to make your body shiver.  

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