The Fireman - Smile Maker

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Did you know the stimulation of the labia can lead to more intense orgasms ? This round-nose flame-shaped clitoral vibrator extends the vibe from the clit numb to your intimate lips and bring you a unique sensorial experience. 

Meet the FIREMAN, a unique and silent clitoral vibrator. Made of super soft silicone imported from Japan, this unique sensual toy features a rounded nose that provides a strong and focused stimulation on the clitoris nub. 

The Fireman's flame shape carries the vibration from the clitoral nub to the labia. The labia are a part of the vulva that we often overlook, despite their high sensitivity. This added massage enhances the whole experience of vulva stimulation to bring you more pleasure and intense orgasms. 

  • Smooth Silicon 
  • 4 Speed & 2 Impulses 
  • Super Silent 
  • 100% Waterproof 
  • AAA Battery for 4 hours of fun.