Stay Silky Serum - Smile Maker

Fact: Skin against skin can create unpleasant friction during foreplay and external stimulation of the vulva. Some women are very sensitive and can even find it painful.
The Stay Silky Serum takes care of your most sensitive skin and prevents skin friction.

A balanced and very gentle water-based lubricant for external stimulation Non sticky texture for a silky feeling after use

Water-based, condom compatible.
Paraben-free, fragrance-free.
Easy to wash off.
Super silky feeling during and after use.
Natural plant extract.

How to use:

Tip #1: use it to masturbate! Using a lubricant to touch ourselves makes the experience even more pleasant! Compatible with silicone vibrators
Tip #2: give an intimate massage to your partner, frictionlessly!
Tip #3: go for a full body massage! Thanks to a brand new ingredient, Smile Makers lubricants leave a velvety feel on the skin after use.

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