OSMOSIS Epic Skin Tool

The EPIC Skin Tool is a patent-pending tool designed to maximize the performance of your skincare by promoting deeper penetration of active ingredients, without compromising skin health.

Human skin is an intricate layer of densely packed cells (lipids) that act as a protective barrier between our bodies and the environment. This barrier is called the stratum corneum (SC). Many popular devices designed to increase product penetration either scrape away or perforate (microneedle) this important barrier, damaging the matrix of lipid cells that keep our skin protected and healthy.

The EPIC Skin Tool maximises skincare benefits by significantly improving active ingredient penetration - without damaging healthy skin barrier function.


  • Weighted handle featuring hundreds of mini-pyramids that penetrate just beyond the lipid barrier.
  • Up to 30% more of a product’s active ingredients will penetrate  deeper and perform more effectively.
  • 360-degree, angled rollers that gently glide over facial contours creating micro-channels in a safe zone.
  • Increases circulation, firms, and re-energizes the skin.
  • Can be used safely anywhere on the face, neck, or body, and on most skin types. (We do not recommend the EPIC Skin Tool for people severe acne, rosacea, or dermatitis).
  • Supports lasting results at-home between professional treatments by enhancing any skincare routine for faster, more advanced results.

How to use:

As with any new device, we recommend you start conservatively using the device only once a day until you can determine how stimulating your routine can be when EPIC Skin Tool is included. Please read all directions carefully before using.


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