Kérastase Curl Idéal Hair Mousse 150ml

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Hair-smoothing mousse to add definition to frizzy or curly hair.

Mousse Curl Idéal is a caring mousse for curly hair in need of control for light and toned curls. It shapes and defines hair with no rigidity. The combination of active ingredients leave a natural touch on curls for enhanced bounce and an airy feel. Anti-frizz action ensures defined curls with no rigidity for perfect curls and more natural feel.  

  • Curl shape definition
  • Natural feel
  • Ensures bouncy curls
  • Treated airy touch
  • Anti-frizz action

Shake. Apply a small orange-sized amount of mousse to washed and damp hair. Evenly distribute on lengths and ends using an upward motion to keep curls bouncy. Leave-in.