Dajuja Round Hair Brushes

Dajuja is currently the #1 hair brush brand in South Korea with over 8 million brushes sold in South Korea alone. Currently over 95% of professional hair dressers in South Korea are using Dajuja brushes behind the chair.

The Antique Speed brush is cut from 1 piece of beech wood with a classic handle design that is stylish, ergonomic and an easy to control.

Every Antique Speed brush has a blend of boar and nylon bristles in our propriety “V” shape pocking. In addition, the Antique Speed has been upgraded with an electroplated heat tube at the center of the barrel. This heat tube increases heat conduction to help dry the roots during a blow out.

  • Revolutionary “V-shape” nylon design allows for increased grip and styling control
  • Heat activated nylon bristles soften when drying which helps reduce tangle and hair damage
  • An anti-slip coating over the slotted handle provides a perfect ergonomic feel for maximum grip
  • “V-shape” nylon design guides the hair towards the center vented barrel for optimal blow outs and styling control
  • Electro plated heat tube to stabilise the heat across the barrel for optimal heat transfer to the roots
  • Balanced brush body from tip to handle to reduce stress on the wrist

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